WA Rear Axle

Rear Axle Ratios

by Peter Ratcliffe Reading the motoring letters in the Sunday Telegraph, I came across something which really brought home how much motoring has changed in this country over the past 50 years. Mr R.G. of Chesterfield, considering the purchase of a new Toyota Corolla, had heard that ‘its engine was […]

MG Wire wheel

Repairing Wire Wheels – 1937 Article

This is a 1937 article from “PRACTICAL MOTORIST” magazine on Repairing Wire Wheels. “It is quite possible for a car to be driven with a bent wheel without the owner being aware of it. It is a good plan therefore, to make an occasional inspection. If it is a wire […]

MG SA Clutch

Replacing an MG SA Clutch

by John Bannister This is a job that anyone with reasonable practical ability and a good set of tools can complete successfully, however it should be noted that the MG SA has a “wet clutch” lubricated with engine oil, so it differs somewhat in basic design from the more familiar […]

WA Gearbox, brake and chassis

Rocking & Rolling – Part 1

Tips on Maintenance by John Bannister The experience of driving a ‘well maintained’ SVW car can be quite a revelation! Not only is the car quieter than expected, with none of those rattles and shakes many of us just come to accept, but the road manners, handling and braking are […]

SA chassis

Rocking & Rolling – Part 2

by John Bannister This is the second of a three-part article (see Rocking & Rolling and Rocking & Rolling – Part 3) appeared in last year’s Review (Issue 11) and both articles should be read together if you wish to carry out a comprehensive appraisal of your own car’s suspension […]

VA chassis and suspension

Rocking & Rolling – Part 3

by John Bannister The Rocking & Rolling and Rocking & Rolling – Part 2 articles advised on ways to maintain and improve the road manners of our cars. This article continues with this theme, hopefully providing more useful advice on ways to improve the safety, road handling and the driveability […]

SA Tourer

SA Performance

by Anders Ditlev Clausager As I ought to know by now, you always get something wrong, or leave something out when you write a book. While you might think that I took long enough to complete my recent MG Saloon Cars – my publisher certainly thought so – there were […]


Seat Belts in a VA Tourer

by Robert Crayston Living in Essex, I often pop over to see Adrian Priestley at Chisbon Restorations in Clacton. Seeing seat belts fitted to classic open cars there, I asked Adrian to fit front and rear belts to my VA Tourer. Adrian took some pictures of the fitting, which are […]


Servicing the SA – 1937 Article for Traders

THE MOTOR TRADER April 7, 1937 – “TRADER” SERVICE DATA No. 12 Servicing the M.G. Two-Litre Described as a fast touring car the M.G. 2-litre will, when kept in condition, give a very good performance indeed.   It is essential that the various factors upon which tune depends receive proper attention. Actually the […]

MG SA and Jaguar 2.5L

SS Jaguar 2.5L and MG SA Comparison

by Peter Scott The SA started its life with an engine of 2062cc against the 2664cc in the Jaguar, giving the latter a nearly 30 bhp advantage in a car that weighed the same. The Jaguar did get bigger and heavier in 1938 when coach-built construction gave way to all […]