SVW Car Profiles

The MG SVW model range: SA, VA and WA.


SA Saloon

The SA, or 2 litre, saloon was launched at the 1935 Motor Show where a pre-production car was shown. Full production was delayed and the car did not arrive in showrooms until March 1936, having been modified somewhat from the prototype. It was offered in three versions, the saloon bodied by Morris Motors, an open tourer bodied by Charlesworth and a Drop Head Coupe bodied by Tickford.


VA Tourer

Early in the production life of the SA, development started on a smaller, four cylinder variant, which was to become the VA, or 1.5 litre. Announced in 1936, the VA was also offered in the same three body styles as the SA. The engineering of the two cars was very similar, the only major difference being the introduction of a dry clutch in 1938 and syncromesh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears instead of only on 3rd and 4th.


WA Tickford

Probably in an attempt to battle with the very similar Jaguar cars, the SA chassis was revamped in 1938 to become the WA. Still a 6-cylinder car, the WA had an even longer bonnet on the same but widened chassis, a bored out 2.6 litre engine, a dry clutch, balanced crankshaft, synchro on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears and a new instrument panel. Again, the same three body styles were offered although the Charlesworth tourer was discontinued after only 9 were sold.