Car Profiles

The Keller List:
MGs, Types S, V, and W, Imported into Switzerland 1936-39

Car NumberEngine NumberBody StyleDestination
SA 02540508 QPHGSaloonSportcar
SA 04690721 QPHGSaloonKundig
SA 09020823 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeGirard, Basel
SA 13671625 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeMr Kundig,Zurich
SA 16381860 QPHGSaloonSportcar
SA 17422020 QPHGSaloonSchwarzenbach
SA 17692039 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeMr Torriani, Lugano
SA 18382107 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeMr Greandjean, Zurich
SA 18482119 QPHGSaloonFehlmann
SA 19182186 QPHGSaloonMr Greandjean, Zurich
SA 19612253 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeMr Berheim, Basel
SA 19742236 QPHGUnknownKurz (Germany)
SA 20612374 QPHGUnknownGraetz (Germany)
SA 21172297 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeMr Egolf, Weinfelden, Basel
SA 22172493 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeAmerican Agency, Basel
SA 22682556 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeMrs Von Liliencron, Zurich
SA 23402626 QPHGSaloonDr. Luthold
SA 25272792 QPHGReinbolt and ChristeMr Schulthess, Zurich
SA 25762847 QPHGUnknownGrelling (Germany)
SA 24472733 QPHGSaloonFamag A.G.
VA 03420581 TPBGOpen, probably tourerWalch, Mannedorf
VA 13881640 TPBGReinbolt and ChristeSchindler, Hergiswil
VA 16431903 TPBGTourerZuest
VA 24702736 TPBGOpen, probably tourerMrs Von Liliencron, Zurich
WA 0306555 QPJGReinbolt and Christe Mr Schibler, Zurich
WA 0336599 QPJGSaloonSportcar
WA 0344618 QPJGSaloonFAMAG A.G.
WA 0431688 QPJGReinbolt and Christe Mr Greandjean, Zurich
WA 0445695 QPJGSaloonRoth, Solothurn
WA 0511762 QPJGUnknownMartin, Geneva
WA 0517771 QPJGSaloonSyz, Zurich
WA 0521778 QPJGSaloonDe Muller, Geneva
WA 0528781 QPJGSaloonDe Salis, Geneva
WA 0534801 QPJGSaloonHofer, Aarau
WA 0552786 QPJGSaloonRoth, Wangen
WA 0567816 QPJGTickfordDr. Knoblauch, Oberentfelden

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