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For Sale

FOR SALE – Ashtrays & Bonnet handles

Contact: Walter Prechsl, Germany (email: wp at publi-consult dot com)
[Posted Jan 2022]

MG SA/WA? DHC rear bench ashtrays in very good condition.
Colour of the big bakelite knobs differs a bit, one is very deep brown, the other is deep brown.
£100 for both plus postage.

Bonnet handles (3 pcs)
Length 3 1/4″ = ca. 82mm
£10 each plus postage.

Contact: Walter Prechsl, Germany (email: wp at publi-consult dot com).


Contact: Paul Budgen
[Posted Apr 2020]

I have the Following parts from 1935 MG SA: Bonnet, scuttle, windscreen.
I would prefer to sell as one lot. Sensible prices to make space.

Paul Budgen. Ormskirk, Lancs.

FOR SALE – VA Engine

[Posted Jan 2020]

It came as a spare engine with my own VA some 25 years ago, since when it’s been dry stored in my garage. Probably not used since the 1960s, rebuild obviously required. The brass plate shows engine number 821 (although it could perhaps be 1821), but assuming the former this should be a wet clutch version. Located in Ripley, Surrey (UK). Photos on request (or see the Facebook group).

FOR SALE – VA Spares

Contact: Nigel Pratt / 07790 034288
[Updated Jan 2020]

Various VA Spares for sale:

  • VA Saloon Spare Wheel Bracket
  • 1 x Steel Engine Sump £10.00
  • 1 x Alloy Engine Sump with Oil Level float £100.00
  • Differential 9/47 £30.00
  • Rear Axle Casing £30.00
  • 6 loose Brake Drums £5.00 each
  • 2 x Kingpin/Stub Axle Assemblies with brake drums £50.00
  • 1 x VA Cylinder Head (Has small professionally done repair) £150.00
  • 1 x Wolseley Cylinder Head £50.00
  • 2 x Rocker Shafts £10.00
  • 3 x new front outer wheel bearings
  • 9 x Morris/Wolseley Head Gaskets
  • 2 x new Piston Sets +40 £150.00 a set
  • 2 x Used Piston Sets +20 and STD £50.00 a set
  • 3 x reconditioned/new Wheel Brake cylinders £75.00 each
  • 3 x Payen C178 Rear Hub Oil Seals £5.00
  • 7 x Fan Belts £10.00 each
  • 26 x Brake Shoe Linings £Offers
  • 2 x Flexi Brake Hoses £20.00
  • 1 x Reconditioned Brake Master Cylinder £Offers
  • Set of Valve Guides £5.00
  • 3 x Ignition Coils £5.00 each
  • 3 x Exhaust Manifold Gaskets £Offers
  • Various Loose Valves
  • Various Loose Gaskets
  • Various bits of engine guts

I can supply pictures on request. Would prefer buyer to collect from Hampshire please.

Contact: Nigel Pratt on 07790 034288 or

FOR SALE – MG SA 1937 wet clutch engine block

Contact: John Hale +44 (0)1497 851790
[Posted Jan 2020]

MG SA 1937 wet clutch engine block for between SA chassis No 1505 to 1518 QPHG 17– in very good usable condition on +60 or ready for relining, plus some parts, offers. location UK.

For more details contact John Hale. Phone +44 (0)1497 851790

FOR SALE – Dashboard Lettering Sets for VA and SA

Contact: Walter Prechsl (email: wp at publi-consult dot com)
[Updated Jan 2020]

Dashboard Lettering Sets for VA and SA. Price £10 per set, including postage within UK and Europe.

FOR SALE – VA Crankshaft

Contact: David on / +44 (0) 1962 760326
[Updated Dec 2019]

For MG VA: Crankshaft dry clutch type, main bearing journals reground, excellent condition, needs big end journals regrinding, crack tested and balanced, a good thick crank.

Sensible offers considered for all the above items.

FOR SALE – VA diff

Contact: Geoff Godwin +44 (0)1189 302359
[Updated Dec 2019]

I have a diff for a VA, complete with cwp 9-47. Open to offers. 

FOR SALE – Various parts

Contact: +44 (0)7909 765838
[Updated Dec 2019]

MG spare parts (in UK):

  • VA axle beam with stub axles – spindles v. rusty, but kingpins seem good.
  • Woleseley differential unit with crown wheel and pinion mounted on nosepiece suitable for SA, plus half shaft.
  • SA/WA knock on spindle, good condition.


BEWARE OF SCAMS! Some of our members who have placed wanted adverts have been emailed by a scam supplier offering the part(s) usually accompanied by a poor photo of the relevant vehicle. If you are contacted by someone offering the part you want, we recommend you ask them to provide their address and send you a photo of the part, before making any payment.

WANTED – SA spares

Contact: Dominic Holohan / 00353 876405072

I am looking for the following for my 1938 MG SA:

  • Rear seat tub base
  • Rev counter reduction box that fits on the end of the dynamo
  • The rear spare wheel hub carrier that fits on the boot lid
  • Front window
  • Steering wheel boss
  • The 4 wheel spinners
  • Rear number plate light box
  • Window lifting gear for all four windows.

WANTED – SA rear lights

Contact: Bruce Campbell

Rear light cluster with D lamps for an SA.

WANTED – SA driveshaft

Contact: John Clayton

Rear offside driveshaft and hub for SA.

WANTED – VA rear light cluster

Contact: Tim Perkins 01536 790306

The rear light cluster with D lamps for a VA, or just the face plate with the D lamps.

WANTED – VA bumpers

Contact: Ray Hunt +44 (0)7970 600667.

MG VA Front and Rear Bumpers and bumper irons.

WANTED – SA bumper

Contact: Keith Foulds 01274 670039

Wanted SA front bumper, bumper irons, badge bar, knuckles and any associated fittings.

WANTED – WA engine & spares

Contact: Gary Perry (SVW Register member) / +44 (0)1233 629822

Wanted for restoration project: MG WA spares, engine, trim, fittings, chassis, literature, pictures etc.