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Peking to Paris-they made it!!

2 SVW register members Dr Peter Zernial and Rhys Timms recently completed the 2013 Peking to Paris Endurance Rally. Peter prepared his racing TC, leaving his concours SA at home. Rhys took his SA 0945 out for another spin, following his good Antipodean mate Harry Hickling's lead in twice completing this achievement. Both MGs acquitted themselves admirably, and of interest to the register, the SA once again proved itself a reliable long distance touring car. The event is gruelling, and both cars took a battering in Mongolia and also from the continuous pounding of bad roads. However, undiminished, both MGs were placed in the Top 10. Not bad for the 2 smallest engines out of 43 Vintage entrants, except for the model T. Peter is in the lower picture, 1st from the left, and Rhys is third from the left. Peters co driver was Udo Fink, also from Germany, and Rhys' co-driver was James Stone, from Alaska. Rhys and James did not know each other before this event, so not a bad effort in the 9 months since being introduced.

VA cars at Beachy Head

Two VA cars at Beachy Head Easter 2012

David Oakenfold has sent me this picture of his tourer alongside Keith Bush' VA saloon. It was taken at Beachy Head, facing inland obviously!

Art Deco event in Napier

At Napier North Island, New Zealand in February 2012 they held the Art Deco event, where everyone dresses in the 30's and contemporary cars are paraded. Malcolm Robertson sent me this picture of his daughter Leah in a WA saloon borrowed from Gary Wall.

SA Saloons in Oz

SA Saloon of Don Phillips at Australian National Concours held Easter 2011

And here is Gary Perry's old SA, now being well looked after down under (up above, down under, if you know what I mean).


Simon Turner sent us this picture of his cracking VA on recent wedding duty

WA under restoration

wa wa

Ger Koster sends us a pictures of his WA Saloon

He writes "The car is an MG WA saloon 0556 from July 1939/ engine QPJG 814/ CAM 645. We bought this car in August 2008 in Baltimore USA. In 1973 the car was exported from England. The condition is very bad and it needs a lot of work. But we are glad that the car is very complete. We working on a nuts and bolts-restoration. At this moment the car is completely stripped. We have the chassis in new condition with axles, brakes,lubrication and the jackall-system restored. In the next few months the restored engine will be installed."

Germany 2002


This photo was taken on the SVW Weekend in Germany in 2002. We invited captions at the time-but didn't get any.

John Bates has now sent this one "Well, he had a curry yesterday. We knew something was building up. Suddenly there was this 'explosion' down his trouser legs...."

John Bannister goes uphill again

John likes taking his VA Tourer up hills. Last time was at Brooklands, and afterwards the engine blew up. Here he is at it again at Prescott (after repairing the engine).