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WA Spares For Sale

On behalf of the family of our late friend and WA owner Jeff Gibson, we are disposing of his collection of used parts listed below. We would prefer to sell these parts as one lot or at least as few lots as possible, so please contact one of us with your requirements.

WA Engine (Type QPJG No 0746) incl cylinder head, alloy rocker cover and sump, flywheel and clutch, oil pump, water pump.

Front axle incl back plates, drums, shoes, telescopic shockers.

Pair of front springs plus spring mounts and one rear spring.

Three wire wheels in good condition, one with tyre, all with rim balance weights.

Inlet manifold

Pair of exhaust manifolds

Rear axle casing including back plates, hubs and half-shafts and splines. Also complete diff assembly.

WA gear remote shift assembly.

Cylinder head incl some valves and springs.

Exhaust front downpipe and two silencer boxes.

Front hubs complete - 4 no

Two SU carburettors.

SU electronic fuel pump, positive earth Type 1332 (new).

Windscreen wiper motor

Dynamo incl pulley and tacho drive outlet.

Starter Motor (looks rebuilt).

Oil filter container and filter

In addition, several boxes containing brake shoes, wheel cylinder, some new brake seals, wheel bearings, pistons (probably +.040), wheel spinners, badge bars, sundry hoses, contact points, spark plugs, bulbs and miscellaneous other small parts.

Except where stated above, all parts are in used condition, sold as seen and can be viewed/collected from South Buckinghamshire by arrangement. It might be possible to ship some or all of these items but please let us know your requirements for shipping quotation.

I have pictures of most items and can email on request.

Contact Mike Greasby, or Richard Colston,

[Posted Nov 2019]

VA Spares for Sale

Axle Casing Three wheels (two rough, one good with tyre) Engine Sump Cover One Wheel Hub 2 Brake Drums Used Clutch Assembly Axle Differential 2 x Cylinder Heads 1 x Engine Block 1 x Crank Shaft

I can supply pictures on request and will be listing more parts in the near future. Would prefer buyer to collect from Hampshire please.

Nigel Pratt 07790 034288


After 25 years of VA ownership I am clearing out my VA spares. I have a dry clutch engine for reconditioning / 2 gearboxes /set of carb bodies / g/box remote control / front axle complete with stub axles / radiator grille / half shafts / diffs / headlight / 2 good wheels / bonnet / radiator / saloon sun roof panel only fit for reference / steering wheel (needs work) /quarter moon section for gearbox bulkhead /dynamo in pieces / 2 camshafts, used / water pump complete but in pieces/ plus lots of small parts.

Also SA Radiator Grille stripped ready for chrome, needs some repairs.

In first instance email with requirements for price.

All items are in France, will post.

CONTACT Keith Bush, email: bush.keith@orange .fr

[Updated Dec 2019]

MG SA 1937 wet clutch engine block for between SA chassis No 1505 to 1518 QPHG 17-- in very good usable condition on +60 or ready for relining, plus some parts, offers. location UK.

For more details contact John Hale. Phone +44(0)1278 323241

Dashboard Lettering Sets for VA and SA. Price 10 per set, including postage within UK & Europe

CONTACT: Walter Prechsl +49-172-7288069 (evening) or

[Updated Dec 2019]

VA NEW DYNAMO PULLEYS, made from solid aluminium billet, Final reduction to clear, now 50 plus post & packing.

CONTACT: Keith on: or telephone 0033 2 4304 5194

[Updated Dec 2019]

For MG VA: Radiator grill slats (all 20) complete with frame all undamaged, crankshaft dry clutch type, main bearing journals reground, excellent condition, needs big end journals regrinding, crack tested and balanced, a good thick crank.

Sensible offers considered for all the above items.

CONTACT: David on: or telephone +44 (0) 1962 760326

[Renewed Dec 2019]

Hi I have a diff for a VA complete with cwp 9-47. Open to offers. Geoff Godwin

CONTACT: telephone 01189 302359

VA axle beam with stub axles. Spindles v.rusty but kingpins seem good.
Woleseley differential unit with crown wheel and pinion mounted on nosepiece suitable for SA, plus half shaft.
SA/WA knock on spindle, good condition.
Parts in UK

CONTACT: telephone mobile 07909 765838


Beware! Some of our members who have placed wanted ads. have been emailed by a scam supplier offering the part(s) usually accompanied by a poor photo of the relevant vehicle.

If you are contacted by someone offering the part you want, we recommend you ask them to provide their address, and send you a photo of the part, before paying any money.

WANTED: SA or VA complete engine for a project.

CONTACT: Ronnie on 07526 720291 (Cornwall)

WANTED for SA,rear offside driveshaft and hub.

Enquiries: johnclayton27AThotmailDOTcom

Wanted. The rear light cluster with D lamps for a VA, or just the face plate with the D lamps.

Contact Tim Perkins on 01536790306

Wanted: MG VA Front and Rear Bumpers and bumper irons. I hope someone can help.

CONTACT: Ray Hunt, phone +44 (0)7970 600667.

WANTED: Complete jack system for SA.

CONTACT: Berend van den Broek. Email>

[Updated Dec 2019]

Wanted SA front bumper, bumper irons, badge bar, knuckles and any associated fittings.

CONTACT: Keith Foulds 01274 670039

Wanted for restoration project: MG WA spares, engine, trim, fittings, chassis, literature, pictures etc.

CONTACT: Gary Perry (SVW Register member) at or telephone +44 (0)1233 629822

Jackall pumps, working or not, for VA and SA. If you have any other unwanted parts for the Jackall system, especially front and rear distributor valves or spare seals, I will be pleased to hear from you.

CONTACT: Terry Maunder (SVW Register member) on +44 (0)7866-428872