SVW Regalia

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NEW! We have redesigned our windscreen badge incorporating the famous Crosby picture of an SA at speed. This measures 12cm x 7cm. The price remains 3 plus P&P.

NEW! We have also introduced an iron-on badge to a similar design as the windscreen badge. It measures 10cm x 6cm. This can be ironed on to a garment or hat. The price is 6 plus P&P.

50th Anniversary SVW Register Baseball Cap. Only a few remaining. 10 incl UK P&P

NEW! SVW Register car badge. 45 plus P&P

All SVW cars need a good badge to fit onto the original badge bar. The SVW Register badge is in a new shape, with holes in the base to fit a standard badge bar clip, which is widely available.The badge is styled as a normal MG Car Club badge, but with "SVW Register" across it. It is in chrome on metal, with brown, cream and black enamel. Available for MG Car Club members only-please supply your membership number with your order.

Republished bulletins 5.00 ea plus p&p

These Bulletins were published by the register back in 1968 and 1970 and were the predecessors to the SVW Review still published annually. The articles are still valid today

A4 in size

SVW REVIEW - Our Annual Yearbook - Current Issue. Price 10 plus p&p.

Each issue, published in June each year is packed with news, reviews and technical articles. Existing members, and those joining during the year will receive a copy free of charge. Also available to purchase by non members.

SPECIAL OFFER 80 plus p&p Complete Set SVW Reviews Issues 1-27. (If you require the current year, Issue 28, please add 5)

A huge saving compared with purchasing individual back issues of our Register magazine SVW Review. There are very limited complete sets available. This unique offer will be of special interest to the newer members of the Register who may not have the complete set of SVW Reviews numbers 1 to 27.

Lansdowne 1/43 models of SA and VA Saloons. 72 each plus P&P (less a special discount for members)

We have been able to obtain a batch of models from the manufacturers at an advantageous price for members. They are beautifully made, and our advice was sought to ensure they are faithful to the original vehicles. Limited stocks available.

The SA saloon is painted in cream and the VA saloon (NOW ONLY AVAILABLE IN RED). What better present if your birthday is coming soon! Securely packed.

VA Instruction Manual 16.50 plus p&p

These VA Instruction Manuals are bound photocopies of the originals, not reproductions like the SA Manuals below. Use this while working on the car, and keep your precious originals wrapped up! Comprehensive & authoritative.

SA Instruction Manual 30 (40 non members) plus p&p

These superb SA Instruction Manuals are high quality reproductions of the originals. They have leather cloth covers with gold embossed lettering and use high quality paper throughout. The feel and texture of these excellent manuals is like opening an original 1930's manual.

Wallposters 5.00 ea plus p&p

These wallposters are one each of the WA Saloon and SA Tickford. They are prints on thick white paper of paintings made by Robert Dugdale in 1980. On the back is a full description of the model.

They are approx.24x17 inches (610x430mm)

Publicity Bulletins Booklet 7 plus p&p

These reproduction MG Distributor's and Dealers Publicity Bulletins were issued by the MG Car Company up to 1939. The Bulletins contain the the original 1930's adverts, details of advertising aids, MG hanging signs, clocks, and novelties issued by the MG Car Company advertising department.

10 plus P&P
Reproduction factory guarantee certificate

We have been very lucky to obtain almost perfect reproductions of the original factory guarantee certificates. We will enter the chassis number of your car, and its birthday, and the Register Chairman will sign it for you. Great for the garage or office wall. Just give us the chassis number of your car, we will look up its entry on the production records, and mail the certificate in a cardboard tube ready for framing.


Reproduction Sales Brochures. 35 or 40 plus P&P

In response to demand we have produced another run of these very high quality reproductions of original sales brochures, one each for the WA, the SA and the VA. The brochures feature illustrations by Connolly. The brochures for the VA and SA are new editions and the WA an improved version of the only brochure ever produced for that model. As before all copiously illustrated, with detailed descriptions of the models. If you haven't got, can't get, or can't afford the original versions, which are getting increasingly hard to find, these are almost as good and the centre clips aren't rusty! They are the same size, use the same colours, and are printed on identical paper or card as the originals. So even if you purchased the last series, you might want to buy this edition to add to your collection. The WA and SA brochures are for sale at 40 each, the VA at 35. The model description cards for the SA are no longer available.