VA Police Brochure


For Police Patrol Use Only


For some years The M.G. Car Company has made a speciality of supplying cars adapted for Police use. Up to the present time over 400 M.G. cars have been delivered to 38 Constabularies. (June 39)

It can be appreciated that we have been able to gain very wide knowledge of the requirements which has made it possible to offer cars as specified in this leaflet which are a special production and ideally suited for patrol work and which are absolutely exclusive for Police use.

There is no need to stress the speed, road holding, and general performance of the M.G. as they are too well known.

What is of interest, however, is the very complete provision made to accommodate receiving, transmitting and public address sets without any further modifications being required. This matter of wireless installations has received extra attention and the subsequent fitting of such installations can be done with ease and the knowledge that the ordinary electrical equipment of the car has been designed to suit.

The M.G. 1 1/2 litre “Police Model” with specifications as overleaf, is priced at £347.10.0 and the M.G. Midget at £250 (ex works).


  • Blackburn Police
  • Bootle Constabulary
  • Brighton Constabulary
  • Buckinghamshire Constabulary
  • Burney Constabulary
  • Carlisle City Police
  • Cheshire Constabulary
  • Chesterfield Borough Police
  • Cumberland and Westmorland Police
  • Derbyshire Constabulary
  • Durham Constabulary
  • East Riding Constabulary
  • East Sussex Constabulary
  • Glasgow City Police
  • Gravesend Constabulary
  • Huddersfield Police
  • Kent County Constabulary
  • Lancashire Constabulary
  • Lancaster City Police
  • Leeds City Police
  • Leicester City Police
  • Liverpool City Police
  • New Scotland Yard
  • Northumberland Constabulary
  • Oxford City Police
  • Portsmouth Constabulary
  • Ramsgate Police
  • Reading Constabulary
  • Reigate Constabulary
  • Rochester City Police
  • St Albans City Police
  • Steyning Police
  • Tunbridge Wells Constabulary
  • West Riding Constabulary
  • West Sussex Constabulary
  • Wiltshire Constabulary
  • Wolverhampton Constabulary


ENGINE The 1 1/2-Litre four-cylinder O.H.V. Variations from standard are the incorporation of a modified cylinder block giving a cubic capacity of l,705cc (R.A.C. ratingl3.2 h.p) instead of l,548cc; high lift camshaft; special con rods and pistons; at 5,500r.p.m. the power output is 63 b.h.p.
TRANSMISSION A modified clutch is fitted to transmit the extra torque produced by the special high H.P. output engine fitted to the police cars.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Lucas 12v. constant voltage controlled system on the 1 1/2-Litre; all lighting and accessory circuits wired and fused separately, ignition control is fully automatic. All the necessary electrical modifications have been carried out, so that receiving, transmitting and public address equipment can be fitted straight on without further alterations.
LAMPS, ETC Provision for an illuminated box sign reading “Police” and “Stop” is made which can be operated by two switches on the dash board. An indicator light to show that the sign is working is fitted on the dash and all the necessary wiring. An additional map lamp is fitted behind the scuttle rail.
INSTRUMENTS In addition to the standard fully equipped facia, a 5″ speedometer is fitted which is a specially guaranteed accurate instrument for Police use. The controls for radio etc. (if fitted) are grouped on a sub-panel beneath the main facia.
STEERING Modifications have been carried out to give maximum of wheel lock permissible and quick maneuverability of the car is a special feature.
BODY EQUIPMENT Engine isolated from body by double bulkhead modified to take radio; near side glove pocket enlarged and underneath it a sliding tray is fitted for observers’ writing purposes or for the carrying of maps, with illumination, is provided; sidescreens are reinforced; additional range of movement is given to the seats and air cushions are fitted to give increased head room; the hood has non-metallic stays (with roof aerial) rendering it suitable for the fitting of radio aerial; a grab handle is fitted on the nearside above the instrument board; on the 1 1/2-Litre, between the two front seats, a combined armrest and glove box is fitted with provision for accommodating first-aid equipment.
PERFORMANCE The following performance figures of the standard model as tested by the Motor Press are given to serve as a comparison when testing the special 1 1/2-Litre Police model fitted with the l4 h.p. engine.Speeds.

  • Best timed speed (screen down) 81.82mph
  • Maximum mean time speed 76.27mph.
  • Maximile* mean time speed 74.38mph.
  • Speed reached on third 60.00mph
  • Speed reached on second 40-OOmph


  • 10-30 mph, third gear 9.8 sees
  • 10-30mph, top gear 13.5 sees.
  • 30-50mph, top gear 14.2 sees.
  • 0 -50mph through gears 15.8 sees.
  • Standing quarter-mile, through gears 22.4 sees.

Metered Performance .+

  • Top (5.22 to 1) Pull Ib. per ton 190, Gradient climable 1 in 11.6;
  • Third (7.07 to 1) Pull Ib. per ton 250, Gradient climable 1 in 8.96;
  • Second (10.18 to 1) Pull Ib. per ton 360, Gradient climable 1 in 6.2;
  • First (17.64 to l) Pull Ib. per ton 590, Gradient climable 1 in 3.8.

Metered Brake Tests.””

  • Pedal only, from 30 mph. Efficiency 90, Distance 33.5 ft;
  • Pedal only, from 50 mph. Efficiency 80, Distance 105ft.

Petrol consumption. 25/26 m.p.g., driven hard.

* Speed timed over quarter mile after accelerating for one mile from rest through the gears.
+ Pulling power and brake efficiency are recorded by Tapley and Ferodo-Tapley meters respectively.

RADIO EQUIPMENT The low wave Philco receiving set type 821 P.V. is fitted to both demonstration models complete with headphones, aerial and all necessary controls. The roof type aerial is suitable only when it is not required to lower the hood, but for constabularies who favour open cars, an under frame aerial can be fitted and is perfectly satisfactory.

Transmitting equipment can be supplied and fitted to this model by special arrangement with the M.G. Works. There is sufficient room for radio receiving, radio transmitting and public speech equipment on this model providing an enclosed type of generator is fitted for the transmitter.

The public speech equipment fitted on the demonstration model is manufactured by Dulci. A megaphone type high output speaker is mounted outside on the nearside wing and a hand microphone is fitted inside the car with suitable clips for fixing when not in use.


1. Supply: Philco low wave & C.W. radio type 821 P.V. complete with headphones and including modification to CW £21. 15. 0
Fitting: 12. 6
2. Supply: Aerial, double under type £ 1. 5. 0
Fitting: 5.0
3. Supply: Gauze aerial in hood and a remote control windscreen wiper. £ 4. 4. 0
4. Supply: Dulci Public Address Equipment
Fitting: £ 1. 0. 0
5. Supply and fit:Police Sign £ 3. 0. 0
6. Supply and fit: Spotlamp £ 1. 12. 6
7. Supply and fit: Fire Extinguisher £ 2. 10. 0
8. Supply and fit: First Aid Equipment £ 2. 15. 0
9. Supply and fit: F.T. 57 Foglamp £ 3. 3. 0

These prices apply only to special Police cars and not to normal production cars. Prices are subject to revision without notice.