The Sports Car Magazines

1935-1939 The Sports Car Magazine

When a customer purchased a car from MG, they were offered 1 year free membership to The MG Car Club. This club was set up and funded by MG. They even provided office space for its Editor. In 1935 the MG Car Club started producing a monthly magazine called “The […]

WA Rear Axle

Rear Axle Ratios

by Peter Ratcliffe Reading the motoring letters in the Sunday Telegraph, I came across something which really brought home how much motoring has changed in this country over the past 50 years. Mr R.G. of Chesterfield, considering the purchase of a new Toyota Corolla, had heard that ‘its engine was […]

Classic Car Seatbelts

UK Law on Children and Seat belts

by John Bannister The SVW Range of pre-war MG’s all have 4 seats. This means that owners may well find themselves being asked to take young children in their cars It is inadvisable to retro-fit seat belt anchorage points as these will not have been fully crash-tested and are unlikely […]