Mini Tips

A useful collection of short pieces of advice from Register members that are not in the workshop manuals.

Torque settings

No torque settings are given in the manuals for SVW engines. Recommended settings are:

Pounds/foot nm
Cylinder head 50 68
Main bearings 65-70 88-95
Big ends 30-35 41-47
Little ends 25-30 34-41

(Keith Bush and John Bannister)

Water pumps

The VA water pump will fit the SA engine, but not vice versa. The WA water pump is unique to the WA, though the SA and VA pumps will fit it, though the fan blades will be some distance from the radiator. A VA water pump will fit an SA, but not the other way round. (Gary Perry)

Removing the engine

Removing the engine and gearbox together is much easier if the clutch pedal is removed. This is held to the gearbox and clutch spindle by four bolts and a split pin. On the WA, the two rear engine mounts can easily be detached after the engine is lifted but before removal-this stops the mounts fouling the steering column and support brackets. (John Dutton)

Wandering steering

If the steering is wandering a little, before overhauling the steering box, tighten up the ball connections at the bottom of the drop arm and at each end of the steering arm. These are held by a large cross headed nut and split pin-tighten fully then slacken off a quarter turn. It is also worth turning the ball a quarter turn as it wears on one side. (Rod Sawyer)

Rebuilding your air cleaner

When rebuilding your air cleaner a stainless steel scourer for cleaning saucepans is an excellent replacement for the old filter wire. Note that the air canister end is soldered as well as rolled over. (Jim Andrews)

Flushing out radiator core

When flushing out your radiator cores, with the radiator out of the car, invert the radiator so you effectively reverse the flow of water. This is quite effective in moving particles that have stuck in the tubes. (Jim Andrews)

VA head nuts

On the VA head there are 6 head nuts outside the rocker cover and another 5 inside. It’s thought that the rocker gear needs to be removed to access these 5 inside nuts. In fact with the right tools (a slim 3/8 drive and 16mm socket) they can be accessed without removing the rocker gear. By placing the socket behind the rockers then feeding the drive through you can tighten them with everything in situ. However, torque readings taken from the 3/8 drive may be less accurate, as the smaller drive is more likely to stretch. (Paul Campbell)

WA rear axle

Do not overfill the WA rear axle otherwise particularly after reversing you will deposit a pool of SAE 140 on your lovely clean drive. This is caused by the oil thrower forcing excessive oil out of the axle oil filler breather.
Dip the oil with a stainless steel rule – max of half an inch deep is fine, as this is only just below the filler cap. (Jeff Gibson)

Removing half shafts

On the occasion that both half shafts have to be removed, make sure to indicate near side or off side on each. (David Washbourne)

No more vapour lock

Not many people know this, but computer fans, available for less than £10, run on 12 volts. With a bit of ingenuity, they can be wired up in line with an electric radiator fan and fixed close to carburettor float bowls – no more vapour lock! (Dave Fox)

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