Joining the SVW Register

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The SVW Register is part of the MG Car Club. Anyone owning a SVW car who is a member of that club is automatically a member of the SVW Register at no extra cost.

Many overseas owners are members of Affiliated Centres to the MG Car Club, but are not members of the MG Car Club itself. The SVW range of cars are relatively rare, it is therefore beneficial for all owners of SVW MGs to be members of the UK MG Car Club to enjoy and reap the benefits of the SVW Register. These include receiving a free copy of our yearbook, the SVW Review.

SVW Review

The SVW Review contains interesting technical articles, restoration stories, news of major events, details of specialist suppliers, and much more. It is comprehensively illustrated.

To notify us about your car and to check production details, email us at We can tell you when your car left the production line, its original engine number, and, in all probability, details of previous owners, although only with their consent.

Club membership

The MG Car Club was founded in 1930 and the principle objective remains “to initiate and provide opportunities, advice and cost effective practical assistance to motoring enthusiasts world wide, enabling them to acquire, restore, maintain and drive MG cars, safely and legally for leisure and competition in static displays, trials and races.”

Members of the MG Car Club receive a monthly magazine ‘Safety Fast’ in which Centres and Registers run features together with news from all UK and Overseas activities, technical reports, general articles and coverage of MG meetings and events.

To become a member, visit

SVW owners who are not members of the MG Car Club

Even if you do not belong to the MGCC, we want to know about you and your car(s). This has enabled us to build the most exhaustive database of the cars and their owners in existence. To notify us about your car and to check production details, email us at

You can buy a copy of the SVW Review, our annual magazine from the MGCC shop. The current price is £10 plus P&P. Back issues in complete sets are also available directly from the Register. See our SVW Shop for details on how to order.