Article - Horrible Handbrake Happening

Horrible Handbrake Happening

by Keith Poole One of the great pleasures of life in the countryside of the Breede River Valley, in South Africa’s Western Cape Province, is that it is one of SA’s premier wine growing areas. With that comes the opportunity to use Tickford coupe SA 0507 as a wedding car, […]

VA Kingpin Replacement

VA King Pin Replacement

by Jim Andrews & Paul Campbell These procedure notes have been have been written to assist VA owners in replacing their King Pins. The king pins and bushes are Safety Critical Items on your car and their replacement should only be undertaken by a competent person.Please read through all the […]

Circular amber indicator lights

LED Lighting

by Charlie Plain-Jones It all started with the comment “You have GOT to do something about your lights!” Jim and Rhoda Andrews had been following us, both in our VA Tickfords, up the A34 from the Portsmouth Ferry after the 2013 SVW Weekend in France. It was late, very dark […]

Filter head

Oil Filter Conversions

by John Dutton SVW owners have been looking at conversions to the oil filters on our cars that allow the use of spin-on modern filters. This is becoming a little more urgent with the growing inability to find old style felt filters that exactly fit. Too short and the oil […]

MG SA - Under the hood

Overheating in the SA and VA – Part 1

by Terry Beresford, New Zealand, March 2003 After reading John Dutton’s report in the Feb. 2003 ‘Safety Fast’ on overheating in the SA and the struggle to find a solution, I think I can help with the problem. I have recently retired from owning my radiator repair business for forty-eight […]

Fixing a VA

Overheating in the SA and VA – Part 2

by John Dutton Terry Beresford of NZ wrote an article giving his advice about overcoming the problems of overheating in an SA or VA. The subject has also been discussed in Safety Fast! more than once. Here I summarise the issue once more and cover in more detail the task of […]

MG SA Clutch

Replacing an MG SA Clutch

by John Bannister This is a job that anyone with reasonable practical ability and a good set of tools can complete successfully, however it should be noted that the MG SA has a “wet clutch” lubricated with engine oil, so it differs somewhat in basic design from the more familiar […]


Seat Belts in a VA Tourer

by Robert Crayston Living in Essex, I often pop over to see Adrian Priestley at Chisbon Restorations in Clacton. Seeing seat belts fitted to classic open cars there, I asked Adrian to fit front and rear belts to my VA Tourer. Adrian took some pictures of the fitting, which are […]