The SVW Register has an extensive record of published articles both from the Factory, published in MG Magazines, plus those written by Register members.

Article List

To assist members in locating information on specific issues we maintain a complete List of Articles (PDF file – opens in a new browser window)

Accessing Articles

The articles themselves can be accessed if you have copies of the relevant publications, by application to Jim Andrews (tel: 0116 236 2583) or a request to

Examples of Published Articles

A sample of articles written by Register members can be viewed under the following categories or under the Technical Articles menu (on the left hand side of the screen on a desktop or at the bottom of the page for a mobile phone).

Submit an Article

If you have an article you would like to submit for publication in the SVW Review or in our Register section in ‘Safety Fast!’, please contact

The Sports Car Magazines 1935-1939

As reported in SVW Review 27 published in June 2018, the Register acquired complete bound sets of these rare magazines a couple of year ago. Subsequently Jim Andrews and John Bannister devoted considerable time reviewing, scanning and cataloging all articles of interest to SVW owners. Jim subsequently produced a full listing of all material cross referenced by registration and chassis number, an extract of which was published in Review 27. You can view the complete index or download a searchable version of it. See below.