SVW Review

The SVW Review is the yearbook of the SVW Register. It has been published annually now for nearly 30 years, in June of each year. Over that time, it has gradually expanded to the current 52 pages and has changed from monochrome to full colour and is copiously illustrated.

SVW Review

SVW Review

The contents consist of technical (“how to”) articles, historical articles about the early days when the cars were new, news about owners and their cars, news of UK and overseas events held within the previous year and advertisements from traders. Details of these traders are also shown in Useful Links.

Many Technical Articles on this website have appeared in the Review.

There have been several editors over the years, all SVW car owners and enthusiasts. The current editor is Malcolm Robertson, who lives in Australia.

Getting a copy

  • Owners of SVW cars who are members of the UK MG Car Club get a copy each year mailed to them free.
  • We also mail a free copy to new members when they join as a welcome to the Register.
  • Owners who are not members can buy a copy (price currently £10 plus P&P) from the MG Car Club Shop.
  • We also offer non-members the chance to subscribe in advance for a copy each year at the reduced price of £8 plus P&P.
  • Back issues of the SVW Review are also available to purchase directly from the Register – see the SVW Shop or email us to order.

Back issues

Back copies of the Review are available to both members and non-members for every issue back to the first. Prices for issues up to No 24 are £5 each, and No 25 onwards £10 each.  You can also buy a bulk package of every issue at the all-in price of £80 plus P&P, a very substantial saving. New owners of SVW cars in particular find this a very rewarding way of both acquiring a lot of technical advice and of discovering the activities of the Register.

The printing and mailing costs of the SVW Review are partly covered by revenue from advertisers, and partly from sales of back issues. The Register has always been able to recover the costs, in some years with a small surplus, but this gets ever harder to achieve. We particularly ask that readers mention the SVW Review when responding to advertisements in the magazine.

SVW Register Bulletins

SVW Register Bulletins

SVW Register Bulletin

We also have back issues of the SVW Register Bulletin, which was the predecessor to the Review. This was published in 1968 and 1970 and the articles are still valid today.

These are priced at £5 each plus P&P and are available to buy directly from the Register. Contact us at