Article - Horrible Handbrake Happening

Horrible Handbrake Happening

by Keith Poole One of the great pleasures of life in the countryside of the Breede River Valley, in South Africa’s Western Cape Province, is that it is one of SA’s premier wine growing areas. With that comes the opportunity to use Tickford coupe SA 0507 as a wedding car, […]

Luvax shock absorbers

Luvax Servicing Instructions

Luvax Vane or Rotor Type of Hydraulic Shock Absorbers, which were fitted as standard equipment on a number of British cars prior to 1939, are of three types:
1) The Constant Pressure Non-Adjustable Type; 2) The Adjustable Type; 3) The Finger-Tip Control Type
Certain instructions issued by the makers of these shock absorbers are common to all three types.

VA Kingpin Replacement

VA King Pin Replacement

by Jim Andrews & Paul Campbell These procedure notes have been have been written to assist VA owners in replacing their King Pins. The king pins and bushes are Safety Critical Items on your car and their replacement should only be undertaken by a competent person.Please read through all the […]


Differences between Wet Clutch and Dry Clutch Power Units for VAs

by Jim Andrews This article has been compiled to assist VA owners to identify the differences between the Wet and Dry clutch engines and also to identify the non-exchangeable component parts. Part 1 of the article is a simple guide to the external changes enabling a non-technical individual to identify the […]

Engine Oils

Engine Oils for SVW Cars

by Paul Campbell Having recently experienced bearing failure in my VA engine following an oil change I thought it worth researching in more depth what oils should be used in these older engines.  I have no expertise in this myself, just a new-found interest.  There are many sources of material, from official […]


Nuts and Bolts used on SVW Engines

by Jim Andrews Over the years, there have been many articles written on the issues relating to obtaining the correct replacement nuts and bolts for the engine and gearboxes fitted to our SVW cars. I therefore thought it prudent to produce a summary of the issues for the benefit of […]

SA Tourer

SA Performance

by Anders Ditlev Clausager As I ought to know by now, you always get something wrong, or leave something out when you write a book. While you might think that I took long enough to complete my recent MG Saloon Cars – my publisher certainly thought so – there were […]

MG SA and Jaguar 2.5L

SS Jaguar 2.5L and MG SA Comparison

by Peter Scott The SA started its life with an engine of 2062cc against the 2664cc in the Jaguar, giving the latter a nearly 30 bhp advantage in a car that weighed the same. The Jaguar did get bigger and heavier in 1938 when coach-built construction gave way to all […]


WA Reference Manuals

Original WA factory produced reference manuals. Essential information for the maintenance of the MG WA including details about the chassis, engine, carburetters, brakes etc. as well as running-in. This manual goes beyond ordinary maintenance and is the key reference guide with useful data, detailed instructions and relevant illustrations. There is […]

MG SA and Wolseley 18/80

Wolseley 18/80 and MG SA Comparison

by John Dutton Most of us know that the QPHG engine used in the SA 6 cylinder cars had Wolseley origins, but maybe not so well known is that the models shared a virtually identical engine. The Wolseley 18/80 and 18/85 was a popular car with police forces, and continued […]